Igor Yankovsky: "Nikolaev want to make the capital of the short film"

Anyone who wants a resident of Nikolaev and all of Ukraine can become a filmmaker and qualify for a cash prize for his film in the short film contest "Civic Projector".

The organizers of the contest, journalist Andrei Lokhmatov and human rights activist Yelena Kabashnaya, announced at a press conference about the start of the film reception since May 15 this year.

If the theme of the first contest was called "The World in Time of War", which was caused by the urgency of active conduct of hostilities in the East of Ukraine, today the organizers see great urgency in expectation of Ukrainian citizens of reforms and qualitative changes in life.

This is a fairly broad topic for the filming of short films, but we did. We invite all of our future contestants to make a kind of self-reflection, and then plunge all the others into this process. Why are we the way we are, why is everything so, and not otherwise, what prevents us from living better? Someone may want to make a film about the problem of a particular person or group of people, and someone may swing at problems of a global scale, "said one of the organizers of the contest, journalist Andrei Lokhmatov.

Accepted films will be evaluated in two categories: "Documentary" and "Feature Films." In each of these categories, the professional jury will determine by the three finalists. Winners are expected cash prizes: 1 place - 7 thousand hryvnia, 2 place - 5 thousand hryvnia and 3 rd place - 3 thousand hryvnia.

The organizers of the contest, and this is the public association "Dana" and the information agency "Ukrainian Media Group", emphasize that it is not necessary that the theme of the contest "What is our problem?" Should sound in the film itself, so that the author of the film in his work depended on This formulation - the film just has to fit this theme.

"We would not like to see social advertising or propaganda videos among the participating films, but full-fledged self-sufficient artistic or documentary short films," the organizers said.

In addition, Andrei Lokhmatov noted that the continuation of the contest organizers want to realize their ambition - to make Nikolaev the capital of short films. And the prospects for this, he says, are everything. And the films that win the "Civic Projector" contest, have every chance of progressing in the future - at festivals in Ukraine and even in Europe.

All the films that have passed the jury's initial evaluation will be shown on the big screen in Nikolaev during the final of the "Civic Projector" contest.

After that, the solemn ceremony of awarding the winners will take place with the participation of Igor Yankovsky, the director of the Charitable Foundation "Initiative for the Future", the main partner of the contest. The audience will be able to determine the best film in their opinion, having voted for the winner in the nomination "Audience Choice Award".

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